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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Beatriz ₱ 2,700,000 96 sqm
Casandra ₱ 2,300,000 76 sqm
Caterina ₱ 1,300,000 36 sqm
Charlyne ₱ 1,500,000 51 sqm
Christel ₱ 2,700,000 87 sqm
Gabriela ₱ 2,600,000 86 sqm
Hailee ₱ 2,100,000 64 sqm
Lea ₱ 1,800,000 61 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Reservation Fee
Regular 5% Open House 7%
Full Downpayment
Regular 12% Open House 17% Spot Cash : Regular 17% Open House 22%

Dream Crest Homes Malolos is a wise investment. House and lot units are made affordable to cater to virtually most types of investors, including families, small business owners, young professionals, seafarers and expats.

Compared to prices in Manila, it is much lower to buy a house in Bulacan. In Makati, for example, an average wage earner needs to work more than a thousand years to buy a property averaging at 150 million pesos versus homes in Bulacan, which average can be as low as P500, 000.

Distance to the metropolis is another reason to invest at Dream Crest Homes.  In fact, Bulacan is only 42 kilometers from Makati. Less congested traffic can also be expected in Malolos versus Manila. Speaking of traffic, the city of Malolos has a good infrastructure system, which makes it an ideal choice for daily commuters and drivers who travel for work.

Dream Crest Homes also features the amenities and facilities that you’re looking for a property. It has a chapel, multipurpose clubhouse, parks and playground. It is also a vibrant place with tight knit communities. The development property is also located in the heart of Malolos City, where places such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, business districts and places of worship are located.

When investing for a real estate property, all these features must be given attention to in order to ensure that your hard-earned money will be put to good use. After all, real estate is a wise investment choice for its value increases as years go by. Owners have the chance of profiting much higher versus in other investments. They can resell or have their property rented out for an income.

Definitely, Dream Crest Homes is one of the most promising real estate investment properties to make. Call us up for unit pricing and payment options today!  

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